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Chapter I: 

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial series. I’m probably going to be bad at explaining some stuff, but I’m going to try my best to help you understand what it is that we’re going to accomplish with this guide series. This series will help you construct the roleplay of your dreams, and help you establish the ideas that you’ve had stuck in your head into becoming a reality, or simply, a roleplay.

The Chapters of this Series will include:

CHAPTER. I: Introduction
CHAPTER. II: Drawing Inspiration & Vizualizing
CHAPTER. III: The Complete Plot
CHAPTER IV: The Rules (Being Dead Serious)
CHAPTER. V: The Characters & Their Biographies
CHAPTER VI: The Theme, Graphics and Aesthetic Appeal
CHAPTER VII: Looking It Over (Proofreading Your Roleplay)
CHAPTER VIII: Promotions and Advertisements
CHAPTER IX: Applications (What’s Acceptable and How to Accept & Deny)
CHAPTER X: Administrating & Advising Your Members
CHAPTER XI: Keeping the Roleplay Alive

Just a warning: if there are certain sections that are in need of a separate chapter, then I shall insert it into another post as well as add things I might have left out.

So, without further adieu, let’s get to it!


Don’t you just feel like you’re in a bootcamp? Hahahaha, YES. Yes, you are. I am going to help you on creating your very own tumblr roleplay. Now, I have to admit this because I know that it’s true: I’m not the best roleplay admin out there, but I have plenty of experience in creating roleplays and advising them. And I’ve learned a few things along the way as to creating those roleplays.

I. Commitment

You must solemnly swear that you’re up to no go- no I’m kidding. But you have to promise yourself, that you’re willing to commit to the roleplay that is going to be your abomination, your own pride and joy, your own digital imprint in the tumblr roleplay community. We all understand you have things to do in your personal life. We all know how that feels. It’s real life first, then roleplay. But if you’re willing to make a roleplay and commit to it, you’d have to learn how to balance your time on your roleplay versus your real life.

Committing to a roleplay is not easy because usually, people get tired of them after a week because they feel that it’s not hip anymore, or the members of the roleplay found something better than yours. Part of the committing aspect is that you have to put in all of your thought into the roleplay that you’re making and feel confident enough that it’s going to work out longer than expected.

II. Confidence

Are you confident enough to believe that you will make an awesome roleplay? Are you confident enough that you are able to put your mind into it and let it run just the way you thought it out to be? There are so many things that it needs, and it needs a confident admin who will help the roleplay blossom. You need to have faith in your roleplay, have faith that it’s a great idea and that people will like it.

Being confident about an idea that you want to turn into a roleplay is a great feeling. But sometimes those ideas might not be what everyone else may see as you do from your eyes. It may seem incredibly cool to you, but it might not be what fits their taste to them. But if you are confident enough that you idea is something that people will love and want to join in, then by all means, go for it!

III. A Few Notes

There are a few notes that I want to put down here because there are some things that might annoy some of us when people think about starting roleplays. Please do not take any of these pointers as an offense as they are meant to be served as a guide to others who are serious about constructing a tumblr roleplay.

  • Do not start a roleplay that is based on a song or song title. Listening to music to gather inspiration is 100% fine and alright. But due to the recent trend that people are starting roleplays just particularly based on songs in general, this is a no. Most of the roleplays that do this type of thing, don’t really last long. So try to refrain from doing that.
  • Starting a roleplay just because you “feel like it” is a big NO. Don’t start up a roleplay just because you have feels and want to become an admin and act like you might have quality experience. Roleplays are meant to have thought put into them, like a lot of thought. A great roleplay doesn’t blossom in just a few hours. The greater roleplays take weeks, even months to complete because of how detailed and how well the thought on the roleplay is put together.

IV. Purpose

What is the purpose of your roleplay? To have fun! Or it could be that your purpose is to bring writers together to help them develop their writing skills and help them become better writers through para-plotting and character interacting with one another. Your job is make sure that these things happen in an effective manner. Roleplays on tumblr have the same purpose, they are assist writers in helping them become more skilled and better in their writings for future reference.

I always thought of tumblr roleplaying as a guide and a way for me to increase my knowledge in writing because I want to write a book someday, and tumblr roleplaying is, I guess I could say, one of the more major steps that I can acquire in order to achieve that.

And that my friends is our introduction. I know, I know. I should’ve covered a little bit more on the matters stated above, but believe me. I’m going to go full on detailed in the future chapters of this series because those are the ones that are in need of in-depth analysis and deep thought. Again, creating a tumblr roleplay isn’t all willy-nilly. There are much more complex concepts as to how it should be made.

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